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Building No.92, Street No. 435 Zone 56. Heenat Al Meashab, Bu Hamour. P.O. Box 2388 Doha - Qatar

​QRPC offers our clients the following services:​​



  Coating Aluminum, and Metals profiles, Sheets, Panels, Accessories, etc.


  Coating with standard, super durable and hyper durable powder.


  Two Automatic and One Manual electrostatic powder coating lines.


  Capability to coat multiple colors simultaneously


  Programmable powder spray (ITW GEMA-Swiss)


  Mill Finish and Anodized Aluminum Pretreatment.


  Powder from (Akzo Nobel, National Paints, Jotun and Europolveri-Italy


  WOODALL Aluminum Coating Technology with wood Imitation.​


Steel Powder Coating Section

      - High quality powder coating for galvanized steel pipes, supports, sheets. Lighting columns and ACC electrical cabinets and boxes, etc.


1. Colors and Shades​

Did you know that the human eye has the ability to distinguish about 10 million shades of color? Significantly important number and absolutely interesting  at the same time… The only way to name this affluence of colors is to code them by RAL.

The first attempt to code the RALS was successfully achieved in 1927 and since, 80 years later, the number of the combinations is constantly increasing and the variety of the RALS is durably enriched. It’s quite enough for someone to consider that everything around us is required to have an identity. In order to be socially recognizable. This fact continually increases the need to print even more colorings of our daily life,

Even the very special and specific ones, in order to make the objects around us prettier and also decorate our domestic and professional space.

The electrostatic painting technology has proved to have become a revolution to the great color industry as well as to the enormous world of colors generally.  The advantages that it offers are constantly increasing  and are totally certified to the Qualicoat and GSB. It offers high resistance to the ultra violet sun rays, anti-corrosive protection of the substratum, preserving of the color shining after years and special endurance to the color change.

The color collection we are suggesting consist of 16 mat colorings and 38 colors special colors (Akzo Nobel and Neokem). They are perfect for every architectural application of aluminum and other metals and are basically produced of polyester resin, no lead or hardening TGCIC, using the bonding technology, which offers stable and homogeneous metallic coloring during their appliance.

All of the colors we present are appropriate  for modern as well as traditional architectural applications anf live up to high standards of quality, preserving their respect to the environment.

Color charts are available upon request.



2. Powder Coating Process

      1. Preparation of Aluminum Materials

         Using special cleaning solvents, the process of cleaning materials,  from ferrous alloys and dust, starts upon receiving it from the customer.

      2. Chemical Pretreatment​

       • Through eight chemical tanks, the materials are treated by two powerful chemical solutions – Duraclean and Caustic Soda – to clean it from alkaline additives and the acidic impurities , oil, soil, lubrication greases, metal oxides etc.

       • Then rinsed into two normal water tanks to make sure that the aluminum will not take any chemical substances on it’s surface to next stages.

        • To avoid environment impact, the aluminum materials are treated once again by Duraclean 100, a strong chemical with highly acidic nature that ensures the removal of all basic impurities from aluminum surface caused by environment conditions.

       • Again, cleaned with normal water and then with De-Ionized (DI) water.

        • During this last treatment stage (chromium free pretreatment) , the materials are treated with two friendly environmental chemicals (Dura pass 714 A and Dura pass 714 B) that reacts with aluminum surface and makes it ready to accept electrostatic powder particles, then placed into specially designed drying oven, where they are allowed to dry.

      3. Powder Application Process​

Powder Application

       • The process consists of spraying powder, using electrostatic guns, to aluminum objects that are placed through booth cabins with the help of an automated conveyer transportation system. The gun imparts an electric charge on the powder, which is then sprayed  toward the objects, which are grounded. Because the powder particles  are electrostaticaly charged. The power wraps and hold the items to be coated until heat is added, later on when it’s passed in the oven, to flow the powder together and cure it. The powder will remain attached to the items as long as some of the electrostatic charge remains on the power .
Melt / Curing

       • To obtain the final solid, tough, abrasion resistant coating, the powder coated items are placed in curing oven and heated to specific temperatures and normally cure at 200c  in 10 minutes (depending on the powder’s  manufacturer specifications). With the impact of temperature, the powder melts and flows together and make continuous surface that becomes resistant solid when it’s cured.

        • The final coating is continuous and will vary from high gloss to flat matte depending on the design of the powder by the supplier. The common thickness is 80 microns.

Wrapping and Delivery

        • The coated items are properly wrapped with plastic rolls, bundied and delivered to the client.


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