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QROM Powder Coating Factory (QRPC), spread over a vast area of 20,000 square meters and is located in a well-planned Industrial City of Messaied, the port city of Qatar.For the first time in Qatar a company came up with such a vast technology for powder coatings, which was once seen only in European or American markets. QRPC has a state of the art plant, which was imported from several European countries and was installed by international experienced engineers from Greece, Italy and Germany.Following companies supplied most of the machines for this plant:​



LTD.ISO 9001 and QUALICOATapproved company from Greece.


Internationally renowned company of spray guns for powder coatings.


One of the biggest powder suppliers in European market, specialized in wood imitation powders.

A number of facts make QRPC, one of the best coating plants not just in the Middle East region but also wide, some technical details of the plant are as following:​

Automatic powder coating plant for Aluminum profiles and accessories from EXTRAL S.A. has the capability of coating two colors simultaneously.

1. Powders in variety of colors from internationally renowned suppliers like Europolveri, Jotun or National Paints.


2. Coating by using normal Corro-Coat PE-F, Corro Coat PE-SDF (Super Durable) and          Kynar coatings


3. Self-cleaning booths CFI 600 (2 Booths)


4. One manula booth for special profiles or accessories and shapes


5. ITW GEMA plastic coating booth, “MAGIC PLUS“ for 15 color change, PZ Powder Centre is connected with each booth to make color change and cleaning tremendously fast


6. Each booth consist of 8 ITW GEMA optitron guns; the ultimate powder gun control for optimum results and powder savings.


7. ITW-GEMA reciprocators: Robust construction and ALTIVAR monitor movement with 64 programmable coating conditions, guarantee the optimum coating results.


8. Each powder coating booth is connected with cyclone and absolute filters.


9. Box curing oven for powder coatings, the calibration of the oven is done every six months to make sure the supreme quality of QRPC’s product.


10. The 8 stages chemical treatment for aluminum makes QRPC’s powder coating results next to none in the market.




Just before the functioning of QRPC a team of scientists concluded a number of test on the various aluminum profile samples collected from all around the world, aluminum surfaces and the environment effects we carefully studied hence the right chemical treatment was finalized, which will help the aluminum surface grab the right amount of powder required for coating and make it’s curing on the highest levels. Doing so QRPC achieved the standard product which can be used in any weather conditions and temperatures.QRPC’s powder coating has a guaranteed quality for 25 years minimum. And this was guaranteed with the right chemical treatment of the aluminum profiles and accessories.Aluminum profiles and accessories go through the 8 stages of chemical treatment in QRPC.​

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